Siri, Google Assitant, and Alexa – Anthromorphism and Design Principles

We brought home Alexa a few years back. In the next few weeks, my kids started testing her. They ask her questions, many of which she was not trained for. They tried the same with Google voice assistant and Apple Siri as well. They were amused by the difference in responses among these assistants. WhenContinue reading “Siri, Google Assitant, and Alexa – Anthromorphism and Design Principles”

Cars of the Future – Mind Shift & Market Shift

Imagine a fully autonomous car and assume the self-driving system has been tested and its reliability is much higher than any existing transportation modes. What features will a customer value? You may either want a large window to enjoy the scenery or you may want a screen for each of your fellow travelers. Maybe anContinue reading “Cars of the Future – Mind Shift & Market Shift”

Walmart e-commerce transformation and user experience observations

Marc Lore e-commerce chief of Walmart is leaving for a new pursuit. He sold to Walmart and took over as e-commerce chief. You can consider his 5-year stint as a successful one. He has doubled its market share of online sales to 5.8 percent and Walmart’s stock price increased by more than 80 percentContinue reading “Walmart e-commerce transformation and user experience observations”

PowerApps & Flow Platform for Citizen Developers

Rajalakshmi has been regularly sharing learnings and her views on automation, AI/ML, and other tools. She recently highlighted the new features of Power Automate – the Microsoft RPA product to automate business processes. I want to share a few learnings and observations on the other Power platform product – PowerApps & MS Flow.  1.    Disjointed process &Continue reading “PowerApps & Flow Platform for Citizen Developers”

A second trip to market & A memory upgrade

Whenever I make a weekend trip to a supermarket, I consult my wife and make a list. This keeps the trip short and focused. I use Google keep for such “to-buy lists”. Today I was making a traditional dish and I had to use coconut milk. I didn’t like the canned coconut milk that IContinue reading “A second trip to market & A memory upgrade”

Learnings from Empowering Business Workforce

One of my project teams is on a journey to empower themselves with technology. The team is using a rule-based dashboard. They wanted to tweak the rules, as per business demands, without waiting for IT support. Since this is a globally distributed team, they also want to coordinate and collaborate across markets. The ideas andContinue reading “Learnings from Empowering Business Workforce”

An empathetic robot: Android Kunjappan ver 5.25 and Mabu

Sometime back I watched “Android Kunjappan ver 5.25” – a Malayalam movie. It’s about an aging father and a son who wants to go overseas to pursue his career. The father has his own set ways. He makes his own food. He will have his chutney, only if it is ground in an ammikallu (aContinue reading “An empathetic robot: Android Kunjappan ver 5.25 and Mabu”

Sous-chef and Vaccine

The long winter break has introduced a role reversal at home. When my better half takes a break from cooking, I step in. As I was sharing this experience with few families, most ladies complained that the men expect them to play a sous-chef role. They ask them to fetch ingredients, cut, and organize veggies.Continue reading “Sous-chef and Vaccine”

SpaceX and UX

The NASA-SpaceX Dragon crew launch on 30th May kept the space enthusiast and others excited across the US and a large part of the world. One image that captured my attention was the SpaceX vs. Space Shuttle image in a tweet. The difference is staggering & phenomenal. If we assume for a moment that theContinue reading “SpaceX and UX”

Project to Product – Part 2 – How Flow Framework can help?

In Part 1 of this blog, we have seen the need for a framework that business can use to understand IT throughput and prioritization in a transparent and intuitive manner. The concept of value stream can help us here.  Value stream is defined as the end to end set of activities performed to deliver valueContinue reading “Project to Product – Part 2 – How Flow Framework can help?”