Project to Product – Part 2 – How Flow Framework can help?

In Part 1 of this blog, we have seen the need for a framework that business can use to understand IT throughput and prioritization in a transparent and intuitive manner. The concept of value stream can help us here.  Value stream is defined as the end to end set of activities performed to deliver valueContinue reading “Project to Product – Part 2 – How Flow Framework can help?”

Book Review:Project to Product-Part 1

Book Review:Project to Product-Part 1 Recently I read the book “Project To Product” by Mik Kersten. It helped me to connect how Agile and DevOps practices can be integrated with value stream mapping and measurement framework. Typically the Agile practices are adopted within IT. The value stream mapping within Business operations. They generally stay separateContinue reading “Book Review:Project to Product-Part 1”