Where to start your journey on spiritual practices?

#1 Breathing Practices Spirituality may mean different things to different people. Some may have reached an opinion and concluded that that is the truth or end.  They would like to defend it or hold on to it. Some may be wandering from one practice to another, believing in something to another, or following one guru toContinue reading “Where to start your journey on spiritual practices?”

How Inquiry-Based Learning can help you with Digital Technology Adoption?

Faster technology adoption is the norm As a leader in a technology organization, you will be keeping track of technology trends and will encourage & support your team to understand and adopt them to solve business problems. The rate of technology adoption is increasing across the consumer and other markets. Within the IT organization, thereContinue reading “How Inquiry-Based Learning can help you with Digital Technology Adoption?”

Reflections from a 21-day writing journey

I jumped into a commitment to write every day for 21 days. I started this exercise without a “backlog” of topics. Without much thought and plan. I knew in the back of my mind that, my mind will play games and prevent me from committing publicly. If this is some news for you, you haveContinue reading “Reflections from a 21-day writing journey”

Orange Milkshake to Tesla – First Principles Mental Model

When you are new to cooking without some expert guidance it can be intimidating. My initial challenge was how much salt to add. Once my friend recounted an incident when his roommate gave him an Orange milkshake!!! If you feel a shock or horror that means you know some cooking. In general, we don’t addContinue reading “Orange Milkshake to Tesla – First Principles Mental Model”

Happy Pongal – Harvest & Divest

Wish you all a happy Pongal/Makar Sankranti. Pongal is celebrated in many parts of India as a harvest festival. It marks the arrival of fresh grains and a new start. Bhogi is celebrated the day before Pongal. On Bhogi old things are discarded, the house is cleaned, and it is quite similar to spring cleaning.Continue reading “Happy Pongal – Harvest & Divest”