Orange Milkshake to Tesla – First Principles Mental Model

When you are new to cooking without some expert guidance it can be intimidating. My initial challenge was how much salt to add. Once my friend recounted an incident when his roommate gave him an Orange milkshake!!! If you feel a shock or horror that means you know some cooking. In general, we don’t addContinue reading “Orange Milkshake to Tesla – First Principles Mental Model”

Happy Pongal – Harvest & Divest

Wish you all a happy Pongal/Makar Sankranti. Pongal is celebrated in many parts of India as a harvest festival. It marks the arrival of fresh grains and a new start. Bhogi is celebrated the day before Pongal. On Bhogi old things are discarded, the house is cleaned, and it is quite similar to spring cleaning.Continue reading “Happy Pongal – Harvest & Divest”

An empathetic robot: Android Kunjappan ver 5.25 and Mabu

Sometime back I watched “Android Kunjappan ver 5.25” – a Malayalam movie. It’s about an aging father and a son who wants to go overseas to pursue his career. The father has his own set ways. He makes his own food. He will have his chutney, only if it is ground in an ammikallu (aContinue reading “An empathetic robot: Android Kunjappan ver 5.25 and Mabu”