Ramayana and lessons on Say: Do Ratio

Ramayana talks about many honorable traits of Rama, two of which are integrity – “keeping his word” and sacrifice. Though at the outset they may seem different and mutually exclusive. If you look a little deeper you will realize their interconnectedness. To keep his word, Rama left his kingdom and went to the forest. AllContinue reading “Ramayana and lessons on Say: Do Ratio”

Walmart e-commerce transformation and user experience observations

Marc Lore e-commerce chief of Walmart is leaving for a new pursuit. He sold Jet.com to Walmart and took over as e-commerce chief. You can consider his 5-year stint as a successful one. He has doubled its market share of online sales to 5.8 percent and Walmart’s stock price increased by more than 80 percentContinue reading “Walmart e-commerce transformation and user experience observations”

Candidate Journey and Experience in Recruitment

If you are ordering a pizza, there are many touchpoints that you experience as part of the process. Once you have the app for your favorite pizza joint set up and your profile configured, you can review the offers, your rewards point, etc. You can add items from the menu to the cart and completeContinue reading “Candidate Journey and Experience in Recruitment”

Orange Milkshake to Tesla – First Principles Mental Model

When you are new to cooking without some expert guidance it can be intimidating. My initial challenge was how much salt to add. Once my friend recounted an incident when his roommate gave him an Orange milkshake!!! If you feel a shock or horror that means you know some cooking. In general, we don’t addContinue reading “Orange Milkshake to Tesla – First Principles Mental Model”

Anxiety to Strength – Few ideas

In our professional and personal life, there are times when we may feel anxious. It could be about our future or the way we are managing the present or a lost opportunity. We may look around and wonder how everyone else seems to get along fine and even thrive. This comparison can make us feelContinue reading “Anxiety to Strength – Few ideas”

Happy Pongal – Harvest & Divest

Wish you all a happy Pongal/Makar Sankranti. Pongal is celebrated in many parts of India as a harvest festival. It marks the arrival of fresh grains and a new start. Bhogi is celebrated the day before Pongal. On Bhogi old things are discarded, the house is cleaned, and it is quite similar to spring cleaning.Continue reading “Happy Pongal – Harvest & Divest”

PowerApps & Flow Platform for Citizen Developers

Rajalakshmi has been regularly sharing learnings and her views on automation, AI/ML, and other tools. She recently highlighted the new features of Power Automate – the Microsoft RPA product to automate business processes. I want to share a few learnings and observations on the other Power platform product – PowerApps & MS Flow.  1.    Disjointed process &Continue reading “PowerApps & Flow Platform for Citizen Developers”

Productivity Hack – Flow State

Imagine for a moment you are flying an airplane. Nothing fancy, let us assume a Cassena 152 or 172. Since you have completed only 15 hours of flight, and not yet soloed, you have a flight trainer with you. You just took off from the runway and climbing steadily. Suddenly the door opens on yourContinue reading “Productivity Hack – Flow State”

A second trip to market & A memory upgrade

Whenever I make a weekend trip to a supermarket, I consult my wife and make a list. This keeps the trip short and focused. I use Google keep for such “to-buy lists”. Today I was making a traditional dish and I had to use coconut milk. I didn’t like the canned coconut milk that IContinue reading “A second trip to market & A memory upgrade”

Learnings from Empowering Business Workforce

One of my project teams is on a journey to empower themselves with technology. The team is using a rule-based dashboard. They wanted to tweak the rules, as per business demands, without waiting for IT support. Since this is a globally distributed team, they also want to coordinate and collaborate across markets. The ideas andContinue reading “Learnings from Empowering Business Workforce”