Candidate Journey and Experience in Recruitment

If you are ordering a pizza, there are many touchpoints that you experience as part of the process. Once you have the app for your favorite pizza joint set up and your profile configured, you can review the offers, your rewards point, etc. You can add items from the menu to the cart and complete checkout in a few seconds. The apps also offer a tracking feature with a map and show the location of the delivery person, quite similar to the Uber driver tracking feature. If you are searching for a job and going through a recruitment process as a candidate your experience may not be as smooth as ordering a pizza !!!

Organizations invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars on hiring, compensation, and retention of employees. If they are into services then human capital is a critical element for their success. When compared to the effort and investment that goes into customer experience and very recently into employee experience, the focus on “candidate experience” is minuscule. The recruitment process at the outset is much simpler than delivering pizza across thousands of locations within 30 mins.

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To illustrate I have captured the candidate journey (using Miro’s customer journey template) with a few touchpoints. In your experience, you may have observed that many of these interactions can leave a bad taste with the candidate and impact an organization’s reputation negatively. Some of the challenges to improve the candidate experience may be,

  • Unlike a pizza from a delivery chain, the recruitment process is not standardized across organizations.
  • There are a number of sources (internal job site, placement agencies, coding schools, etc.) that recruitment teams use to identify, connect, and engage a candidate. Because of this, they can’t provide a uniform experience across them.
  • Demanding on the job position, market, and experience the candidate expectation from recruitment varies a lot.
  • Recruitment teams may be constraint by the applicant tracking systems they need to use and a mix of point solutions. None of these were designed with candidate experience as a focus point.

All of these point to an opportunity to reimagine this area by applying the best practices from customer experience and service design, along with the right dose of digital technologies like RPA, Chatbots, AI/ML to provide a more human touch.

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