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Where to start your journey on spiritual practices?

#1 Breathing Practices Spirituality may mean different things to different people. Some may have reached an opinion and concluded that that is the truth or end.  They would like to defend it or hold on to it. Some may be wandering from one practice to another, believing in something to another, or following one guru to…

Learnings from Teaching Middle School Students

A few days back I led a workshop for middle school students as part of a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) event. I volunteered for this about a month back. A series of zoom sessions and emails were exchanged to brainstorm ideas, select experiments, and plan the event. Each volunteer should lead a workshop,…

How Inquiry-Based Learning can help you with Digital Technology Adoption?

Faster technology adoption is the norm As a leader in a technology organization, you will be keeping track of technology trends and will encourage & support your team to understand and adopt them to solve business problems. The rate of technology adoption is increasing across the consumer and other markets. Within the IT organization, there…

Managing whitespace in a remote & digital workplace

One of the unrecognized and undervalued contributions of a leader may be her contribution to manage the whitespace. Whitespace refers to the gap between organization structure where the roles and responsibilities may not be clear. It also covers the dependencies, collaborations, and communication across teams required for a quality output. But these may not be…


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